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Friday, November 23, 2012


Seek Input to Set Targets

Stakeholders, Key Personnel and Specialists 

may include:

  • individuals and groups both inside and outside the organisation who have direct or indirect interest in the organisation's conduct, actions, products and services, including:
  •  customers
  • employees at all levels of the organisation
  •  government
  •  investors
  •  local community
  • other organisations
  • suppliers
  • key personnel within the organisation, and specialists outside the organisation who may have particular technical expertise.

Key Stakeholders

Google has several key stakeholders. Each stakeholder affects the Business in a completely different manner. Since Google has diversified itself in the technology realm, it faces direct competition from numerous sources. Some of the main stakeholders for Google are the following: Apple, Microsoft, Yahoo!, Facebook, and Google’s own employees.

Google appears to monitor its stakeholders rather than involving or collaborating with them. They aim to release newer updated software before its stakeholders, and if they see a product or service offered by its stakeholders that it currently does not have, they quickly try to implement their own, more sophisticated, product or service. Google also treats each stakeholder as a definitive stakeholder, because they know the level of competition it has between each stakeholder.

External Environment


Internet search is applicable to most cultures all over the world freeing Google from geographic dependence. In fact, the company now has 20 offices in the U.S. and international locations in over 30 countries working on research, sales, and marketing (Google, 2008). Google offers a personalised search engine for more than 115 countries, and as language support improves, the company is likely to gain market share. As computers become more affordable, many people in economically disadvantaged countries are gaining access to the internet for the first time and Google would like to route them through its search and productivity products, like Gmail, Docs, and Sites. Google’s web applications are now bundled into the operating system on low-cost Linux-based computers (Blankenhorn, 2008).

Consultation Methods

There are a range of consultation methods  that could be used in finding resource efficiency ideas:
·       Establishment of teams that are dedicated to one area of environmental performance.
·       Monthly team meetings where workplace practices are discussed.
·       A suggestion box in the work place.
·       Community consultation forums.
·       Shareholder/investor information forums.
·       Meetings with suppliers and customers.
·       Attending industry events such as exhibitions, seminars, training events, etc.
·       A survey to gather staff feedback regarding your ideas or current work practices.
·       Discussions with government departments.
·       One-on-one interviews with colleagues.
·       Forming an external sustainable review team that includes representatives from suppliers, clients, shareholders, investors and community leaders.
·       The circulation of discussion points and the invitation of comments and feedback from employees.
To implement the consultancy process you would follow a legal structured system with working to a fixed timetable and costs.
Has this supplier been used by the company before?                                               Yes/No

Is this supplier aware of the company's commitment to minimising
environmental impact?                                                                                              Yes/No

If no, please explain commitment to supplier.

Is the product able to be recycled?

If yes, have you ordered the recycled version?

(If relevant) What is the energy efficiency level of this product?                              1 2 3 4 5 6

Does this energy rate fit within the company policy of 5?

What is the cost of the product?

How does this compare to past costs?

Is this at cost range of $1,000 that requires 3 quotes?                                                Yes/No
If yes please obtain 3 quotes.

Has the supplier any suggestions of alternative products that
could be used?

Have you done any research of alternative products that could
be used?

Where is my HËRΘ?

Where is my HËRΘ?



♥ Shë's a Ċĺ䧧ψ Gїrl ♀

♥ Shë's a Ċĺ䧧ψ Gїrl ♀
♀§їstër Bërtrїllë <3 ♦ ♂



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